Cyndi Boyd

Cyndi Boyd is the Founder and CEO of Optimal Health Restoration. She is an outdoor enthusiast and former CIF and National Champion athlete.

Cyndi's passion for the science of the human body has been strong from a young age. She enjoyed all aspects of play very competitive sports. 

Her collection of little unresolved injuries peaked her curious nature to ask the question, "why?" That "why" question lead her on her quest to helping countless people recover from their physical injuries.

Today, all of her tools are utilized in her personal and professional life. Cyndi loves learning about the many facets of the human body. 

Her background includes but is not limited to sports massage therapy, neuromuscular therapy, craniosacral therapy, CoreAlign instructor, and hypnotherapy.

Cyndi has dedicated her life to helping people find their personal health by providing empowering tools. She is a lifelong learner of ways to help improve the body for optimal performance. 


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